Visually presenting physical behaviours in a believable and attractive way is part of the requirements of a great number of interactive installations, and in general, of a significant portion of the computational applications that have sophisticated graphical components.

With this in mind, it goes without saying that Zooloop has had to deal with a great deal of challenges that had to be resolved using sophisticated techniques of realistic simulation of physical phenomena, abiding the laws that govern the real world. Among the implementations made by Zooloop using simulation notions and techniques are: Collision detection in rigid objects, fluid simulations (gold, water), particle systems (smoke, fire), destructible elements (crumbling walls, fragmenting bodies) and soft bodies (clothes).

Water Simulation, for the National Museum of Korea

Liquid Gold Simulation, for Jay Z

Given the characteristics of the projects developed by the company, the simulations are not only complex, but they also require high performance to be able to generate real time results. This new level of difficulty has forced Zooloop to integrate into its workflow standards, techniques and developments -both proprietary and made by third parties-, that have made it possible for the company to have a library of solutions ready to be deployed in whatever development scenario that needs them.


Particle Systems for Marcca 2013

Destructible Elements Simulation

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