Interactive Experience for the Congreso de Marketing en Centros Comerciales (Shopping Mall Marketing Congress)

Year: 2013

Client: Marcca 2013 – Congreso de Marketing en Centros Comerciales

Location: Bogotá, Colombia

Role: Concept, Design and Development of the experience


To show the usage potential of interactive experiences as promotional elements for products in shopping malls, members of Zooloop designed an implemented a sample of the type of projects the company works on.
This project tested its users’ creativity and affinity with music. Participants in the experience could, through the use of a Kinect that identified their silhouettes, turn into virtual electronic DJs, controlling the frequency and intensity of six dubstep audio loops with their movements.



Short attention spam of the users.

Since the experience was one among more than 30 expositors, it was necessary to devise a way to get people’s attention in an effective manner. To do this a three pronged approach was taken: The use of music as an attractor, the use of a big screen with loud visual elements, and a simple user experience, that wouldn’t require training for any person to quickly master.

As a result, the experience used a Kinect sensor to detect the users’ silhouettes when they crossed in front of a video wall comprised of nine 42″ TVs that showed the user’s silhouette, and particle based visualizations to get their attention.

Allowing several people to interact simultaneously

During the design phase an additional challenge was issued: To allow several people to interact with the experience simultaneously, in a simple way that wouldn’t affect performance. To do this, the control paradigm was changed, so the experience wouldn’t be controlled trough the movement of specific articulations of a person’s body, but through the movement of an entire silhouette detected by the Kinect. This made it possible for a group of people to stand in front of the video wall and control independently parts of the experience. This allowed for a complexity of results that would have been difficult to achieve with a single user.



Kinect. To capture the silhouette of the users and then use their height and proximity to alter the parameters of the audio loops.

Simulation. To create and display the particle systems that were used to represent each of the audio loops.


After two days live, the experience was the star of the congress. Its ease of use and the impact it generated on people were important tools to get to know future clients and more so, to make it clear to them how impactful projects such as this one can be when included in marketing campaigns for big brands.

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