About Us

Zooloop is a company built upon the idea that software can be much more than an utilitarian component of modern life. It’s a company built upon the idea that the end result of a software project can be more than a solution, an experience. Upon the idea that you need engineers, but it’s a lot better to have a interdisciplinary team.

Zooloop is, both literal and figuratively, the fruit of years of dedication. After more than a decade trying to find work spaces that would allow them to explore their interest, the founders of the company realized the only way was to create such spaces themselves.

After it was clear how difficult it was to find real information and people with the required experience to guide and push the process, the first step was to work for american companies so it would be possible to know firsthand the environment in which the type of software we wanted to build was being made. And after two years in the field of exterior interactive advertising, the moment came to start our own company.

And so, Zooloop was born. From the beginning, the company has followed a process of learning and adjusting to the local market, at the same time that it has refined its ideas and proposals to make them viable in a global scenario. This has helped the company grow in ambition, capability, and workforce. A continuous recruiting and training process has helped
Zooloop to grow from a three founders team, to a company with engineers, designers and artists in both South and North America, working in tandem to grow the coverage, the complexity and the creativity of the projects they take on.

In Zooloop we are interested in technology as a tool of awe, and as a channel for creativity. In Zooloop we believe that a project that doesn’t have at least one component or technology we haven’t work on before is a boring project. In Zooloop we believe in quality through processes and flexibility through innovation. In Zooloop we believe. In Zooloop.

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