Realtime HD Imagery Generation

Avery important component of the interactive installations Zooloop has worked on has to do with the visual realism and impact generated by the artificial visualizations that can be created from various sources of information.

The construction process for this kind of images starts with a data source; that data, to be ultimately represented in a visual way, may come from the environment, be captured using a camera, through a temperature sensor, a GPS sensor, or may be the result of information that changes through time, such as the position or movements of a crowd at a concert or an outdoor event.

Image generated for Jay Z

Image generated for the National Museum of Korea

The second step in the process has to do with the interpretation and manipulation of said information, to transform it afterwards into images or animated elements to explain a phenomenon, alter the environment, or simply attract people to participate in a collective construction process. In order to find the most effective way to use the collected information, a metaphor is defined. Such metaphor will help define the rules by which the information elements will be converted into images. A metaphor may imply the existence of an artificial environment; for example, an environment based on particles that represent the movements of people leaving a trail which length is proportional to their speed, and with a colour defined by their height.


The third step of the process has to do with the visual, animated, representation of the previously defined construct. This representation is based on the application of computer graphics and image processing techniques, optimized in order to generate real time results. In most cases, the generation of an animated visual representation requires the creation of at least 60 frames for each second of the experience, which makes evident the need to have processes and techniques that have been optimized to guarantee a suitable performance.

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