Trophy Tour Coca-Cola 2013 - Promotional Campaign

Year: 2013

Client: Coca-Cola

Locations: San José, Costa Rica

Role: Experience Development


The Soccer World Cup is a worldwide event that brings excitement to millions. To open the tour of the cup that would be with the winner of the tournament for 4 years, the team at Zooloop developed an experience
that took by surprise Coca-Cola drinkers and soccer fans alike. Once they activated one of the spouts in a dispenser strategically located inside a very well known restaurant, a snippet from the World Cup theme song could be heard, enticing users to activate other spouts to hear other parts of the theme song, and allowing them to make their own mixes.



Modifications to the dispenser

With a tight timeframe, it was vital to surprise the users of the experience. The installation involved building custom sensors using off the shelf components, and then integrating those sensors into the structure of the machine. Those sensors were integrated and controlled by an Arduino platform, in charge of both control and communication between the sensors and a central computer in charge of the rest of the process.

Limited Production Time

In many occasions, time is of the essence for Zooloop when developing its projects. Here, it was necessary to optimize every part of the development process to guarantee it would be finished within a time frame 50% of the one initially planned. The development of the software components took advantage of agile methodologies; on the other hand, the communication implementation between the physical (both mechanical and electronic) and the digital had to be redefined  in situ to get the expected results, at the same time the physical structure was being built and adapted.

Promotion and sharing of the results

This was not an advertised campaign; users were made aware of its existence right when they interacted with the dispenser, and taking into account that their hands and focus would be busy serving their favourite soft drink, it was necessary to create suitable strategies to allow users to participate and at the same time capture the experience. To do this, once a person started their interaction with the machine, an automatic video recording process started, the results of which were uploaded to YouTube. Specific hashtags were used to help make viral this great campaign.



Arduino. Using this open hardware platform, it was possible to capture the control signals from the sensor array, to then send them to a computer in charge of the reproduction and synchronization of specific parts of the Trophy Tour melody.


The excitement of soccer seized hundreds of people that during a weekend interacted with the experience. People’s reactions while using the machine were the biggest success indicators, and even with the time constraints, the expected results were achieved.

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