Google Wallet and Citibank Promotional Campaign

Year: 2011

Client: Citibank, Google Wallet

Locations: New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco

Role: Experience Development


The goal of this campaign was to show how easy it is to shop using Google Wallet with Citibank’s credit cards.To do this, members of Zooloop, hired by Inwindow Outdoor LLC, took part in the development of an experience that included two games controlled using a touch screen system with an area of more than 36 square feet, showing the visitors that shopping with those payment methods is as easy as having fun with a videogame. Dynamism, response time and scale were key to the success of the experience.



Too brief interactions

To capture people’s attention for more than a couple seconds was the biggest challenge developing this experience. To solve it, the design team thought of mini games that could involve the passersby in a much richer and dynamic experience in which they were protagonists and where they would be tempted to participate longer.

Ambiental noise, visual contamination

An interactive experience in a public space competes for people’s attention with static advertising, noise and electronic devices. The solution? Thinking big. A visual area of more than 36 square feet was easily noticed, but it also implied the development of a custom multitouch system to allow users to control every element of the experience.

Difficulty getting participants’ attention

To get our user’s attention, a face tracking and detection system was added, to react to people and follow them, so they would feel inclined to participate.


Video produced by Inwindow Outdoor


Laser distance sensors.  This experience used high precision laser sensors to implement the interaction with the big format multitouch surface.

Face recognition and tracking.  To detect and follow people and so invite them to interact with the experience.


During its active time, this experience attracted more than 5000 people, with each devoting at least 2 minutes to learn about the advertised products. This kind of result was obtained thanks to an attractive, new and engaging interaction.

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