Who are we?

Zooloop is a Colombian Canadian company dedicated to the exploration and application of information technologies in interactive advertising scenarios, digital positioning campaigns, product launches and cultural and entertainment scenarios.

From its creation, Zooloop has pursued the existing possibilities that exist in the intersection of design and technology. The exploration has been fruitful, and the journey has just begun.


Zooloop works to find creative uses for cutting edge technologies. To integrate them into the projects it works on, so they become an unforgettable part of each experience.

Digital image manipulation is an extremely useful tool, successfully integrated by Zooloop into a great number of experiences.

When a project is able to use it right, Zooloop uses Augmented Reality to offer unforgettable experiences.

Zooloop has a lot of experience and technological resources to include realistic simulations of physical phenomena into the experiences it designs.

Zooloop uses its experience in the fields of software development and visual design, to create awesome images for each project it works on.

Including physical elements into an experience, and offering control and user detection alternatives, are technological feats that Zooloop manages through its expertise in hardware control.

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